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His Grand father late Munshi Nem Chand was a renowned landlord of Shahjahanpur. Father late Shri F.C Saxena was a megistrate. Simple living & high thinking was his teaching. Mother late Smt. Devki Devi was a holy lady. Karma and devotion to her duties were her aims of life.

Dr. Gopal Raju had been serving as a Senior Scientist ( Gazetted Officer) in a CSIR Laboratory. Actively Participated  in School/College/University/Official Meets in Badminton, T.T, Chess, Cricket and especially in Ghazal/Geet Gayeki and won several Awards, Trophy and Honors. Fond of solo Trecking, Travelling, Driving on two/four Wheeler to holy, remote and isolated places in search of Mysticism and Occultism. Recently expedited solo scooter to Khardung-la ( Ladakh- The highest motorable road in the world).

As such he does not believe in Guru- Shishya Parampara. He, who gave him something unique, becomes his guru. He believes Sadshri Adwetacharya Ji Maharaj of Bahraich as his Spritual Guru, Baba Puran Singh, Aghori of Roorkee and Maj. P.N Sharma, Kaulachari of Matkuli, Panchmari was his Tantrum Guru. Nine days he remained in Sadhana on a dense tree in search of Mysticism. His sadhana place is Kali Mandir of Chandighat, Haridwar under shawdow of Kaulachari Baba Sureshanand ji.

He got seriously involved in Palmistry and K.P Astrology since 1976 when few predictions miraculously came true, dedicated his life in Occult Sciences, beside busy schedule in official jobs, cultural activities- specially in light music and gazals, tour and travels, fiction writing etc. Later he exclusively was involved in R&D oriented work towards Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Physiognomy, Dmonocracy, Mantra, yantra, Tantrum, Vastu, Fengshui, Gemology, Tarrot, Reeiki, Yoga & Meditation etc. His motivation was not to earn money but to serve general mass with true facts of the science beside commercial exploitation


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