Hundreds  of response are being received through mail, phone and in the form of appreciation letters for the predictions, fruitful remedial measures, articles, books etc.

Very few of them are:

·         गोपाल राजू मेरे छोटे भाई की तरह है | भारतीय वांग्मय से जो साहित्य सुधि पाठकों को वह दे रहें हैं, अपने में वह एक मिसाल है | राजू भाई के उज्जवल भविष्य की मैं कामना करता हूँ |
* राधा कृष्ण श्रीमाली, जोधपुर

·         सरलतम धनदायक प्रयोग तंत्र त्रिकाल पत्रिका से गोपाल भाई ने लिखने शुरू किये थे आज वह इतने चर्चित हो गए हैं की ज्योतिष की कोई भी पत्रिका उनके बिना अधूरी है | छोटे भाई की उन्नति की दुआ है |
* तांत्रिक बहल, दिल्ली

·         Dr. Gopal Raju Jee is regularly doing anusthan for our family. My son, daughter and husband have getting positive results for the last five years.
* Dr. Manju Singh, Haridwar (UK)

·         I am feeling much  better since the anusthan performed by Dr. Gopal Raju
* Alka Gaindhar, Australia

·         I am getting good results after completing shortcut methods of Sh Gopal Raju. He has really written marvelous books on Tantrum.
* Daujiram, Delhi

·         The result of my daughter for her CA exam is now favorable; this is all because of puja performed by Sh Gopal Raju Jee
Ms. Geeta Rathi, Jodhpur (Raj.)

·         I met Gopal jee one & half years back. His predictions for my husband, brother and sister all come true. Where ever we will go, will remember him and take guidance for still better life.
* Mrs. Sushma Dass, Rourkela (Orissa)

·         Eight year back Shri Gopal Raju Jee had analyzed and given me a ring of Emerald+Gilson. This combination had given me very good results during past eight years. Again I am requesting to kindly give me suitable ring.
* Subash Chand, Bulandshahr (UP)

·         Dear sir,
As advised, I daily recite Bajrag Baan, finally I got a good job.
This is all because of Bajrang Baan. I am very thankful to you and to your website which is helping all people.
* Meenu Maheswary, Ahmedabad (Guj.)

·         Respected sir,
Now I have tremendous change in my life. Your without interest services are unique and most effective.
Dr. Manisha, NOIDA

·         Your good self analyzed a combination of Yellow sapphire plus Red Coral for me in 1993. This is still giving me beneficial and favorable results in my job, finance and status.
* Er. Anil Tyagi, Pauri

·         Respected Uncleji,
Thanks for your personal help especially mental support. My depression has been 100 % cured.
* Nishi, Bhopal (MP)

·         We are 90 % satisfy in our works after performing puja and anusthan by you.
* Bavana Tyagi, Roorkee

·         Blessings of Mr. Gopal Raju have totally changed my professional life. He had made me from zero to hero in my profession. My and my family is always thankful to him.
* Dinesh Sharma, Advocate, Yamunanagar (Har.)

·         I was suffering with severe depression problem. After puja and specific combination of two gemstone I am feeling 80 % better.
* Er. Ashish saini, Banglore

·         I completed with full dedication Anusthan of Bajrang Baan and I saw the instant results. I got a job in CRPF.

I declare proudly that this could be done only because of Siddha Bajrag Baan.
* Bharat Bhajan, New Delhi

·         The day I started puja provided by Sh Gopal ji, am feeling mentally strong. I am again gaining confidence in me. It is appearing now that soon the things would come in my favour as a miracle.
* Seema, Meerut

·         Your astrological guidance has turned our life. Like previous days our family is leading now good time.
* Garima Sharma, Roorkee

·         My sister was involved in number of litigations. The day she consulted Gopal ji and adopted his small remedial measures, she is now free from every litigation and allegations thrusted upon her. I have no words of thanks for his services.
* Seema, Roorkee

·         Gopal uncle has changed my life completely. Once I was depressed in my life but with guidance of him now I am working in one of the biggest Oracle Group with a handsome package.
* Sandeep Singh, Banglore

·         My wife Smt Geeta Sinha had been suffering with severe mental depression. She had been under regular treatment from Delhi, Patna and other famous neuron physicians. Her last treatment left was electric shocks. Fortunately I met Mr Gopal Raju and stayed three days with him for his spiritual treatment. I claim, now she is 90% cured after his anusthan.
* Shekhar Verma, Advocate, Patna

·         I am presently working as an Asstt. Engineer in PTCUL. Mr. Raju's guidance and remedial measures helped me in choosing the right and good job. All credit goes to his dedicated and intellectual services.
* Er. Himanshu Baliyan, Dehradun

·         I am very grateful to Gopal ji. I had been suffering under severe depression but after undergoing consultation with him things had been better for me. I am able to come out of depression and heaviness inside me.
* Er. Priyanka, USA

·         I was absolutely mentally and physically depressed. But after performing small things provided by Gopal ji, I have developed tremendous change in me. I cannot explain in words the lacking and favorable changes in me after his puja etc.
* Asha Sharma, Meerut

·         When my daughter was 5 years and son was on 7 days old their profession was predicted by Gopal uncle. She is now doing her M. Pharma and he is doing his studies as per his analysis. My husbands and my work are all because of his blessings. I am fully mentally satisfied after doing puja and using combination of gemstones given by Gopal uncle.
*Seema Gupta, Roorkee

·         16 years back Gopal Ji had predicted regarding by husbands job. He than analyzed that one day you will be on heights. Since than with full faith and belief we are adopting remedial measures analyzed by him. Today I strange that his word by word is true in our life. We are leading prosperous life.
* Prabha Saini, Roorkee

·         After adopting your puja, yantra and gemstones, I have got a favorable job.
*Surendra Singh, Nagpur

·         Combination of two gemstones given by you has proved most effective. I am now fully convinced with my job.
* Dushyant Kumar, Mumbai

·         I have achieved still higher officer cadre in SBI, Delhi. This is all because of your efforts in anusthan, puja and combination of three gemstones
* Sanjay Sharma, Haridwar/Delhi

·         With the blessings and puja of Sh Gopal ji I have now leading happy married life. I am quite impressed and convinced with the analysis and remedial measures provided my him.
* Ashwariya Doval, New Delhi

·         My son Ashutosh has been settled in a respective job. Combination of three gemstones provided by Sh Gopal ji has proved the most effective in his career settlement.
*Tejpal Singh, Muzaffernagar

·         Combination of Emarld+Kakaneeli+Ziron analyzed and given by Sh Gopal Raju has proved miraculous. I have involved in three more contracts after using this unique ring of three stones.
* Meharban Ali, Roorkee

·         After performing puja and anusthan by Sh Gopal Raju I got married, my P.hd degree has also been awarded

 My husband is also using combination of thee stones given by Sh Gopal ji. We are quite convened with his services rendered for us.
* Ruchi Tyagi, Jaipur

·         I am impressed with Sh Gopal Raju ji for his analysis regarding change in the name of my son. I am feeling changes in him.
* M/s Ganpati Traders, Arani (TN)

·         I got a Central Govt job immediately performed puja etc. by Shri Gopal Raju ji. Now I am getting still higher education here. My sincere thanks to his intellectual guidance and astrological help.
* Prinyanka Jain, Denmark

·         I have started two big projects and now I have developed confidence. Puja and anusthan done by Shri Gopal ji has proved most effective.
* Vikas Sharma, Jaipur

·         I met Pt. Gopal Raju Jee. I am very happy because he is not greedy and money minded. He guided the way that every, even poor, person can also do. I am really thankful to him and would like to meet him again and again.
*Rekha, Barwaha (MP), Dubai.

·         I met Dr. Gopal ji only last year. He did puja/anusthan for me. His way of working is scientific and logical

I have got now a very bid contract at Dehradun. His small tips are very simple and effective as well.

* Er. Pramod Kumar, Dehradun       


·        Got the job after doing Seeta Anupras And Bajrag Baan given by Shr Gopal Raju ji

      * Umesh K Singh, IITR


Many more follows…………..